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Tianpu's first solar air collector drying project was completed


Recently, Tianpu's first solar air energy collector drying project was installed in Lianyungang. This project is Tianpu's first practice in solar drying project, and it also made a major breakthrough in the new building materials industry.

Tianpu Nanjing Engineering Center took the solar air collector for drying cement bricks and gypsum hollow bricks in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province in June this year. When the Jiangsu Wall Office held a new energy-saving wall conference in Lianyungang, the province The experts from all the participating countries and the leaders of local cities visited the site and gave high praises. At the same time, the project also received the Jiangsu Provincial Government’s energy-saving subsidies. It is foreseeable that solar energy will dry new types of building materials. Will be strongly promoted in Jiangsu Province and even the whole country.

Drying is one of the important basic industries. It is widely used in various industries such as food, building materials, and chemical industry. Its conventional energy consumption is very large. In recent years, we have used solar energy as a substitute for conventional energy for industrial drying. We have done a lot of exploration. , And has accumulated a certain amount of practical experience, if you can promote this to a large number of basic industries, it will be one of the huge potential market for solar energy applications.

It is reported that the biggest feature of this project is that the drying time is greatly shortened, the production capacity is increased, the solar energy utilization efficiency is greatly increased, the manufacturing cost of the unit solar energy utilization area is reduced, and large-scale solar energy application becomes possible.

The Tianpu Group is at the forefront of solar drying applications. Therefore, at the time of this technical promotion, the theoretical calculation and segmented control of the moisture evaporation of dried matter by Temper was strongly recognized by users. One step behind the technology, they have not realized this potential market, so through this bidding experience, we deeply feel that how to find differentiated competition in the solar energy industry will have incalculable benefits.

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